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Studies show that shoppers and diners spend at least 30 percent more when they use a credit card than when they pay in cash!

When you use a card, you are really borrowing money taking out a loan on which a high interest must be paid.Look at here now ศัลยกรรม เกาหลี

With offers of credit cards in the mail almost everyday even to students and kids some people have wound up owing a wallet full of cards, with outstanding amounts on every one. It’s madness.

There are several real, practical uses for cards. One is as I.D. in cashing checks. Another is to rent cars it’s impossible now to do this for cash because car rental agencies demand to see a credit card.

You can use them for telephone transactions and internet purchases. Also it is convenient to use one for hotels and meals when in travel.You are in an ideal spot when you can own a card to use in emergencies, but pay off debt when it comes due.Here is an ideal starting place to learn how to pay off debt and manage your finances to get the best out of life.

It will show you the nitty-gritty, nuts-and-bolts, everyday things you can do to make your money go further. Some of these things are as small as keeping your tires inflated to the proper psi, or just lowering your thermostat.You don’t have to do all of them, but if you follow just a few of these tips for saving money a part of your daily routine. It will turn your life around. First lets get out of debt.

Are you an Overspender?

Many people who get into trouble with their cards are overspenders. This is a psychological profile of an overspender. Do you fit this picture?

True or False

  1. You spend money expecting your income will rise.
  2. You take cash advances on one card to pay off another.
  3. You spend more than 20 percent of your income on credit card bills.
  4. You don’t keep accurate records of what your spending.
  5. You have applied for five or more cards in the past year,
  6. You pay for groceries with a credit card.
  7. You often hide your cards purchases from your family.
  8. Owing a few cards makes you feel richer.
  9. You collect cash from friends in a restaurants, putting the tab on your card.
  10. You make the minimum monthly payments on your card.